At SRM we have been working in the marine sector for over 36 years.

From injection-moulded gaskets for speedboats, to watertight seals for submarines, our knowledge and experience in the marine industry is second-to-none.

Products we make include:

  • Boat Seals
  • Submarine Seals
  • Bespoke Fenders
  • Buffers
  • Injection Moulded Gaskets

We can produce both injection-moulded and compression-moulded parts, depending on volumes required. We also offer a repair and replace compression moulding service for obsolete or worn parts.

Our gasket department also produces a bespoke gasket seal for the marine industry.

Predominant materials used within the marine sector are:

  • EPDM – Great for outdoor freshwater use, as it is resistant to extreme weather and ozone.
  • NEOPRENE – For use in saltwater conditions.

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“SRM were a pleasure to work with they provided us the clarity and direction, they were always at hand to answer any concerns and gave us the confidence to invest in our future”