Die Cut Sheets

We stockhold a wide range of materials in sheet format, from low cost commercial sheeting, to specialist fabric reinforced sheets. Our gasket division diecuts a huge range of materials into customer specific designs. For each design we start manufacture from a sheet of rubber, and the reason why we have a wide selection at our disposal. The common size of a roll of rubber is 10m x 1.4m width and sold in linear meterage. We do however offer off cuts and part rolls on standard stock materials, as we understand not every job will require a full roll. Oppositely we do have buying power with the raw material manufacturer to negotiate the best deal for bulk purchase. Our compression moulding division also has a number of stock sheet forming tools so we can mould sheets in bespoke material colours and hardnesses, and can cater for both small and large volume batch requirements.

53069629 - gasket, mechanical seal which fills the space between two or blackberries mating surfaces, to prevent leakage of objects while under compression

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